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“Brimming with a sense of history and possibility, Hudson feels like a place where creation and renewal is meant to take place. Warren Street is home to a slew of renowned art galleries and shop fronts displaying the wares of innovative fashion designers, sculptors and artisanal food crafters.

The city boasts forward-thinking venues for music and film like TSL, Basilica Hudson and Hudson Hall. To many, Hudson appears to have it all. Artist Chad Weckler, however, is obsessed with what Hudson does not have: a makerspace.

“So many people I talk to are surprised that a place like Hudson doesn’t have a makerspace,” Weckler says. For years now he’s made it his singular mission to remedy that oversight. As far back as 2010, Weckler has advocated for the creation of a place where wood and metal workers can share expensive machinery and artists can create without the oppressive cost of Hudson’s escalating rent.

Weckler has a website ( where he’s currently surveying residents of Hudson and neighboring counties about what they’d like out of a makerspace. He’s received about 200 responses.”

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published March 27, 2019