Project Plan

The Development Process

To bring the idea of Hudson-Creative to life we need to understand and engage potential users of a makerspace. These include crafters, artists entrepreneurs, and others who simply want to learn new skills. To accomplish this we intend to use traditional networking among community and business groups; employ social media via Facebook, Twitter and so on; conduct an online survey; and hold a number of public informational meetings.

Somewhat simultaneously we will build out the Project Team so that people who want to get engaged can have a direct hand in the creation of the space. The project will need people with energy, talents, and experiences from a wide variety of backgrounds. More about this on the Get Involved page.

We will incorporate Hudson-Creative as a non-profit corporation and achieve IRS 401(C)3 non-profit tax status.

As we are developing our understanding of the possible user base and developing the Project Team, we can begin to develop a formal business plan with a financial model that will lead to a self-sustaining organization. Fortunately we get to build on the considerable experience and shared tools of the many makerspaces that are already functioning around the world.

This will enable us to then identify possible locations and seek startup funding from state, county, local government, and private sources.